There are probably hundreds of incidents a day in industries and offices in Ontario in which feelings are bruised, productivity is impaired, and corporate health is endangered due to POOR INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS among employees.

To address these problems, I give workshops and courses at conferences and through in-house staff development programs.  These workshops are adapted to suit the needs of your organization.

I focus on teaching and reinforcing communication skills including:

  • Perception Checking — to prevent overreactions, misunderstandings, and false accusations
  • Giving “I” Messages — to facilitate clear communication and minimize defensiveness
  • Active Empathic Listening — to show understanding and create a supportive environment
  • Communicating Nondefensively — to encourage problem-solving and prevent unproductive defensive spirals
  • Assertive Speaking and Assertive Listening — to insure one’s ideas are heard in a way most likely to make others receptive and show concern for the ideas of others
  • Counteracting Passive-Aggressive Behaviour — to stay focussed and achieve your goals
  • Productive Problem-Solving — to understand different conflict resolution styles and maximize the possibility of win-win solutions
  • Effective Groupwork — to help teams learn how to work together

I also work with women in science. 

I also lead writing workshops and teaching public speaking.