Coaching and Public Speaking

Areas of coaching include:

  • the overall structure: We will make your speech consistent, comprehensible, and coherent and make sure the audio-visual material reinforces the speech.
  • the details: We can make your language appropriate using clear, correct diction and syntax.
  • the style of presentation: We will practice so that your voice is clear and loud and that you use your hands and body effectively.

Clients have included:

  • Computer Science faculty at the University of Toronto engaged in computer-supported, multi-media presentations
  • People preparing to answer aggressive lawyers in marital dispute court cases
  • McMaster University faculty and researchers. 
  • A marine engineer presenting his findings of a shipping disaster at a government hearing
  • Graphic designers presenting advertising plans

Consultations also available on workplace communication problems such as running effective meetings, group work skills, and other areas where cooperation among humans can be improved.